Build the publications list


  1. Open this URL in a new tab or window:
  2. Copy the Magellan publication list codes found in the "ADS bibcodes" link on the left into the "Bibliographic Code Query" box at the bottom of the page.
  3. Change the "Retrieve 100" abstracts to "Retrieve 2000."
  4. Click "Send Query."
  5. Scroll almost to the bottom of the results page and click "Select all Records."
  6. On the "Return" pull-downs line, select "Custom format" (near the bottom) and "Save to file." You might also try other options (citation counts, for example) in the "Sort by" pull-down.
  7. Copy and paste this into the Custom format box:

    %ZHeader:"<ol>"%ZFooter:"</ol>"%ZEncoding:Unicode<p><li>%l %y, %q, %v, %p <em>%t</em> (<a href="%u">ADS abstract</a>) (%c)</li></p>

  8. Click "Retrieve selected records" and save the results to a file. This file has rudimentary html formatting and can be renamed to .html to view in a browser.
  9. Edit the Refereed Papers page, replacing the old list with the new and changing the dates in the page header (this requires administration privleges on