Latest information

Up-to-date information about existing Magellan instruments can be found through links off the Las Campanas web site. Links at the left will take you to instrument team web pages.

Instrument Policy

The Magellan SAC approved an updated Magellan Instrument Procedures and Policies manual (PDF) on October 30, 2008. Instrument builders should read this carefully before proposing to build and/or deliver a Magellan instrument.

LCO Cleanroom

We're building a cleanroom laboratory at Las Campanas to support the large Magellan instruments. Construction should be finished before the end of 2009.

Instrumentation list

Magellan instrument list

Future instrument overview

AO secondary Adaptive optics secondary mirror ( PSR )
FIRE Medium resolution IR echellette spectrograph
FourStar (tech docs) 11 arc minute field imager with four Teledyne H2RG arrays
Magic2 Optical imager with high speed L3 CCD option
Megacam 24' x 24' field of view CCD optical imager with 36 2K x 4K CCDs
MIRAC/BLINC High resolution infrared (10 micron) imaging nulling interferometer
MMIRS Multiobject IR spectrograph
PFS High resolution optical spectrograph
PISCO 4-band (griz) simultaneous imager